Thursday, July 26, 2012

Four months old!

Max is 4 months old today. I know I say this every month (and in real life, probably daily), but how has it been 4 months already? He's the coolest little baby, he loves to talk and babble. He squeals like a baby pterodactyl and he makes these hilarious gargling noises. He loves chewing on his hands and just recently started sucking his thumb too. He still sleeps swaddled (mama's too scared to wean him off it still) and still wakes up twice at night to eat. He loves his big sister and when she gives him kisses. Which is basically any time he's awake, it just melts my heart!
He's been almost rolling over from back to belly for about a week now - he turns his legs and torso, but refuses to pick up his head. And at the pediatrician's today, he rolled over from belly to back!! All he wants to do is try to stand, it's the cutest thing ever - he pushes off anything with his feet to get to a standing position!
He now weighs 16lbs and is 25" tall (long?) He got his shots today and was such a trooper, he only whined for the first one and cried for maybe a minute for the second one!

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