Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our trip in pictures

Here are some pictures from our trip last week. We had a blast, did a lot of fun things, and a lot of relaxing and even doing nothing!
 There was a restaurant called Tsar's Palace where we, naturally, ate most of the time, which was decorated with portraits of Russian tsars and beautiful paintings like the one above

 Sasha on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, she liked it at first, but the very first loud bang made her scream and she spent the rest of the ride clinging on to me!
Papa and Sasha split a delicious (and rather large) turkey leg
Mickey's 3D show
Sasha's new Minnie Mouse
Kiddo lasted literally 20 seconds on the carousel before completely losing it and demanding to get off
Sasha's obsessed with Woody and Buzz right now

She was terrified of touching the sand, so at first we got her to touch it with her pinky. This is NCL's private island in the Bahamas, which was pretty small with not much to do - so we mostly hung out under our little cover and ran around the beach
We had to take a little boat from our ship to the island and back - it was rather rocky, but pretty cool!
Next, we docked in Nassau and spent the day in Atlantis, watching the fish and swimming and being pretty much in awe of the entire resort (but why does it have to be so ridiculously expensive to stay there?)

 Then Sasha got to make her own pizza which, if I must say so myself, was delicious. My kid is a natural!
 Sunday morning, the view from our cabin, arriving back in New York

We had a lot of fun, got to do a few kiddie activities (since Sasha is now old enough for the kids' club) and relaxed! I would've preferred a bit more active ports (like Bermuda cruise we did last time). And sailing out of NY in February turned out to be a bit of a bummer since we couldn't really use the pools on the ship the first and the last (two) days - although Z was brave enough to go hang out in the heated jacuzzi even when it was so cold!

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